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The Importance of Wet Mitten - A Letter From A Friend

The following is a great letter we received from a fan and friend of Wet Mitten, Adam Handy:

Grand Haven, Michigan and the tri-cities area is a very special place to my family. In the almost 30 years that we’ve been visiting a lot has changed. We started out camping, then moved into renting vacation cottages, until we finally purchased our own condo just over the bridge in Ferrysburg. Since we aren’t full-time residents we try to make the most of every visit to the area. In those quick jaunts, visiting the staples that initially created a connection with Grand Haven really help to maintain our emotional link with the area. Going to the local coffee shop, the pub, the ice cream shops, the hot dog stand, and the local surf shop are all vital.

In 2011 we discovered the Wet Mitten Surf Shop on one of our casual walks along Chinook Pier. As a lifelong fan of surfing I’ve always been eager to pop into a surf shop and look around. At that time, I had just discovered what Stand-Up Paddle Boarding was all about. Needless to say, I was excited about the Wet Mitten being around in the event I ever got up enough courage to rent a board.

Every time my parents or I would go into the Wet Mitten the staff and even the customers were so friendly. The vibe was extremely laid back. Naturally, feeling comfortable and not pressured makes me want to purchase something. So we’d purchase some shirts, or stickers, or a jacket, or other things. Absolutely everything turned out to be just so high quality, comfortable, and durable.

Fast forward to Memorial Day 2016. I finally got up the guts to rent a Stand-Up Paddle Board from the Wet Mitten. We rented an 11’6” Riviera board. Tim and the staff took such care of us, loaded us up, and gave us all the info we needed to have a wonderful day at the beach. I just happened to take it out on the windiest and choppiest day ever. Despite that, it was still an absolute blast. On our way out of town that weekend we stopped at the Wet Mitten and made some last minute little purchases. My parents asked for info about possibly purchasing a board. Instead of giving them a sales pitch, the staff told them about inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards, which are more convenient for travelling. It just so happened that they had one in the store at a killer deal. My parents didn’t hesitate and bought it on the spot. They got a great deal and it’s provided so much fun this summer so far. Even my kids who are 3 and 5 love the board.

Before our board rental and purchase, the Wet Mitten was a place that we felt comfortable visiting and appreciated its products. But since our board rental and board purchase our connection with the Wet Mitten has totally changed for the better. Knowing that there is a shop to go to in Grand Haven with extremely cool and knowledgeable people, a great selection of beach/surf related items, and an atmosphere straight off of the North Shore of Oahu is pretty awesome.

Simply put, for my family: a visit to Grand Haven is not a visit anymore without stopping by the Wet Mitten. Grand Haven was a great place to call a 2nd home before the Wet Mitten opened. It’s an absolutely wonderful place now. Sometimes small things leave the biggest impressions. The Wet Mitten has absolutely made lasting, positive impressions on my family. In the years to come, we look forward to many more visits to the shop.